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Storage Space Ideas for Everyday Living

storageideasforeverydaylivingHow is it that we accumulate so much stuff?

When your home is bursting at the seams, it’s time to take stock, clear out, and store the rest. The problem is, what if you lack more space? Literally, your stuff has breached the storage threshold under your roof.

Maybe you live in a small home that wasn’t blessed with excessive attic space. Your closets are few and stuffed with the essentials. You rather your garage house your car and not your crap. Short of moving or shipping all your stuff to goodwill, what are you going to do?

Create more storage.

I know, easier said then done.

There are lots of different options to choose from. You can add shelving and rack storage to your closets, storage in your garage, and even find ways to utilize space in your attic, basement, or even your patio, that could keep things organized and out of your way. The easiest way to do this is with a kit.

For all of you DIYers out there, you are going to love this. The choices are vast, so I’m going to narrow it down for you with a few of my favorite choices.

Closet: From no room to BOOM!

The selections are vast for your closet space. Not only does this allow some creative freedom with this space in your home, but it also allows for some wiggle room with your finances as well.


Rubber Maid Wire Kits – These are easily to put together with a few basic tools. You can piece meal them together or purchase a closet kit based on a picture.

Small Closet Storage

Small Closet Storage


Large Closet Storage

Large Closet Storage – Want more DIY? Sometimes you need to search deeper. I found this gem online. If you want the look without the heavy price tag, this may be a good option for you.


John Louis Closet System

Custom Made

Local Closet Company, Handyman, or Contractor – You will pay more, but the look is very elegant which keeps small spaces looking clean versus cluttered.

california closets3

Make space with a custom closet

Want to design your own? Hire your local skilled handyman and work within your budget and your vision.

Attic: Make the Most of Your Space

That hole in your ceiling leads to a land of storage; however, is it usuable space? If you can make use of this space in a creative way, this may give you more bang for your buck in gaining room for your stuff. AtticMaxx – This is pretty ingenious if you ask me. Depending on what your attic space looks like, this could be the perfect solution. You can check out more information on this kit on their FAQs page.

Attic Storage: Before

Attic Storage: Before

Check this out! It may not be storage, but it could give you a whole new perspective on what space you DO have. This is where a professional contractor comes in handy.

Attic: Hire a Pro for this!

Attic: Hire a Pro for this!

Garage: Overhead Storage

Depending on the weight and size of what you would like to organize in your garage, you may be able to get away with similar wire kits as mentioned above. For heartier storage solution, you can turn to wood cabinentry – either in a kit you can do yourself, or something custom built by your favorite contractor or handyman.

Wire Rack Storage

Wire Rack Storage

For something a little heartier, yet still wire, you may want to look at The Shelving Store.

thicker metal

Stronger Rack Storage

More Wire Storage

More Wire Storage

How about some cabinetry options. You can find these in kits, or have them custom made for your space.

garage 6

ClosetMaid Storage

garage cabinents

Sleek Design








And finally, wood shelving:

garage 3

This takes a little skill…and lumber

When you are lacking side space, you will want to look up. Many garages allow for space above the garage door and hung from the ceiling. Again, you will want to make sure that the option you choose is supportive of the weight of your stored goods. Christmas decorations will not be nearly as heavy as your tools. Reinforcing your shelves will be key to keeping you, your family, and your valuables safe.

Overhead Storage

Overhead Storage

Increase Your Garage Capacity

Increase Your Garage Capacity











My favorite places to find materials and kits:

Cabinets – Home Depot

Shelving, brackets, and accessories – wire or metal – Home Depot, your local hardware store, and

Other great sites to check out – and the sites that are linked to the above photos.

With any project, make sure that you consult a professional contractor or handyman. You may find the time you will spend may be worth having an expert tackle it for you.

I hope this was helpful to you. I’d love to hear your feedback and your questions. Comment below and I will surely get back to you!

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